A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This prototype was built during PROCJAM 2015.

Lead a trio of space-chums to their eventual death, attempting to prolong their survival - and their friendship - by dodging or deterring an alien predator.

Move your team by turns to seal vents, distract the alien and hack the security terminal that will open the door to the next area. You can push crates to box the alien in and throw down fire to drive it back, but you can never kill it. Characters have two hit points, though one of them may have a medkit with which to heal others.

Known issues: the game is obviously not a complete thing. The alien currently bursts out of closed vents, which is the very opposite of what closing vents is meant to achieve, and I probably messed up a lot of the logic for the procedural dialogue system - so you may get a lot of repeated lines. But, you know, you get the basic idea.

The amazing Mike Cook programmed this while travelling back and forth between continents, attending several conferences and running PROCJAM itself. Marsh Davies did the crummy art, designed the game and wrote a lot of the dialogue. We also got extra dialogue help from the lovely Matt Castle.

Install instructions

It's a Unity game. Just unzip it into a folder. Or whatever it is that Mac people do.


xeno-1.01-mac.zip 20 MB
xeno-1.01-win.zip 17 MB

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